January 1, 2007

bonjour 2007!

we had a great time last night. we had a new year's eve brunch at church and after we came home, Maisie actually played by herself long enough for us to eat some snacks and enjoy some very missed alone time.

later we picked up one of our closest friends, brett, at the airport. he had gotten in from spending the holiday with his family and seeing his brother get married (in canada, too, eh). we drove him to his house where, for the past 3 years there has been a new year's eve party. one of his roommates had spent the afternoon whipping up some lovely appetizers and hors d'oeurves or however that's spelled (i should know, too! tisk tisk)

we had a good time chatting with friends and snacking. around 10p we headed out to our end of town and to our friend's house. they had had some people over for a fancy dinner earlier in the evening and when we got there they were just sitting back and enjoying some really nice hors d'o...whatevers, like infused olive oil and crusty bread for dipping, brie and strawberries, olives, and much more. we have not spent time with the people there for such a long time, it was bittersweet - bitter because of the time we've missed getting closer to them, and sweet to finally be with them again. we played a game called loaded questions (like, "if you could have cosmetic surgery on any part of your body, what would it be") and then who ever has the turn has to listen to one person read everyone's answers and try to guess who said what... i got that question, so every answer i felt like i was saying "well, this is wrong with you so you must have said it" YIKES! i'm glad they love me.

we all counted down the new year and toasted with kisses with our honeys (and kisses from us to Maisie, too, who was still awake) and a glass of champagne with a strawberry in it... it was a really lovely, relaxed, truly enjoyable evening. the best way i can imagine to end one year and begin a new one.

maisie went to sleep shortly after that and actually stayed asleep in our friends bedroom, even after we picked her up and drove home, that was such a blessing, to be able to enjoy that time finishing up the game and hanging out without her fussing.

good times.

hope you all had a good time too.


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