August 21, 2007

In the 13th month of her life...

We haven't updated our blog in a while because, as of late, it has become increasingly more difficult to photograph Maisie. Is it any wonder? She took her first solo steps July 23 and ever since is on the go, stopping only to sleep, and usually not then, either. She has just about mastered the skill of standing up "in the middle of nowhere" completely unassisted, and walking from there to anywhere she wants. She is great at regaining her balance, changing direction and going the distance. Within the next week or so she will likely be running everywhere and probably won't stop, even in her sleep. Wheee!!!

So, when we do try to take her picture, we usually get something like these first three as she books it across the room or tries to "do what mama is doing":

I love this one, it's a creepy kind of funny with her gappy little baby teeth and drooly mouth

A typical day around the house for Maisie, clothing optional of course! It has been above 100F for two weeks straight but even still, she's just so darn cute sans clothing

Cuteness and sweetness

This is what she does when we say "make a funny face, Maisie!"

She was in the middle of telling me a story - she babbles constantly. She even wakes up babbling

She is so good at roaring like a lion! Too good, in fact - she tries so hard she gags herself, it's hilarious

Escaping out the side of the chair

Working on those biped skills!


  1. *bigtsighofcontentment*

  2. I giggle so hard every time I read about the lion. Maisie I love you!