October 19, 2007

End of Summer Cuties

Last Day of Summer!

Maisie + Runa = BFF
(If you look closely you'll notice Maisie's lip is swollen and there's some blood on her shirt. She had fallen and punctured her lip with her tooth - AGAIN. Her bottom tooth went straight through her lip from the inside to the oustide. Lovely. Sadly, not the first time but, hopefully the last.)

Cruisin', Looking for trouble

Brennan and Lillian, our neighbors

These strange flowers blew in overnight from some exotic place. They grew all over Berclair but no one planted them and no one had them last year. While I was getting the front bed ready for fall, I found several more "bulbs" that never fully grew, just leaves that had sprouted, all huddled up around these three (which, incidentally, are now dead). Odd, but beautiful, it really made my weekend when they blossomed. We had to wait a few days after they sprouted to even see what they'd look like. One of the three in these pictures was just starting to bloom, that's what they all looked like for days. These aren't great shots. We were on our way out the door when I saw they had bloomed and I wanted to snap them quickly in case I didn't get a chance to later. I didn't, so, glad I got them!

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