April 3, 2008

Purple Puffy Coat

Maisie insisted on going down the side porch steps by herself. She also decided she no longer needs to sit and scoot down the stairs but wanted to try just walking down them. She gravely miscalculated the distance between the last step and the driveway, and this is the unfortunate result. Where was I? Right behind her, hands full as we were intending on going for a walk and despite throwing everything down and reaching out for her, I couldn't catch her arm in time and she did a complete face plant with even a bit of a slide. I may have heard a screeching sound not unlike the sound of tires screeching to a halt. Poor baby. She's fine now, though, nary a scratch on her delicate, sweet little baby face.

She LOVES this purple puffy coat. If she sees it she insists on wearing it, inside or outside, day or night, clothing optional.

Rockin' the purple puffy coat

She looks so well dressed for outside play... Please take a look at the temperature on the thermometer on the garage. It was probably about 15 minutes later she asked me to help her take her coat off.

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