June 1, 2008

May at our House

It's been an eventful month in our home these closing weeks of May.
We bought a sprinkler attachment in the dollar bin at Target. Bargain? You bet!

Nana bought Maisie a sand and water cart. She hates the sand. I made her put her hands in it and she turned to me, palms out and fingers spread wide, "Help! Help!" She has issues with touching other things like bubbles and playdoh as well. They all make her gag. But she LOVES putting her hands in the water, and spinning the umbrella.

Cute little summer dress

The avocado incident (well, not THE avocado incident, more like the DAILY avocado incident)

The usual undies hat

Put pants on by herself for the very first time, she chose some "jammies". If you look, you'll notice the gash on her lip. The picture is a bit blurry but you can get an idea of what her cut was like. For those who don't know, she tripped and fell face-first into a lunch cooler and split her lip clean through from the outside to the inside, about and inch or so long. It came really close to going clear through the top of her lip and splitting her bottom lip clean in half, but we are so blessed, it didn't. By the time the suture tech in the ER finally got around to taking care of us (around 3am), the bottom half of the cut was already going back together so she only needed 2 stitches.

She put her "jammie pants" on over her regular pants

Rich's head wound + 9 staples - not for the faint of heart

Part way through the kitchen re-do: cabinets sanded, dishwasher being installed. If you look at the trim around the window, you'll notice how dark and orange it is. Try to imagine that on all the cabinets and you'll get a good idea of what our kitchen looked like. We are painting the window and the trim white, as well as the inside of the cabinets. They were "custom built" into the kitchen (read: "home made") and are particle board inside, so we don't have many options.

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