November 4, 2006

Fun With PhotoBooth

We bought a MacBook. It comes with a built in camera and an application called PhotoBooth where you can snap photos and put them in iPhoto or make them your username photo, whatever. It has several different "effects" and sometimes we just need a really good laugh. I was crying with laughter when we did these. Thank God it was just effects.


  1. Hey Cousins! Nice to finally see what Maisie looks like...though the first pics were kinda freaky! LOL Duane and I had a riot with MacBook a few weeks ago at his brother's house. Quite a few side-splitting moments were had!! You can check out a few of the shots on our blogsite if you're so
    Glad to see you've joined the ranks of the Blog I can keep updated on your fun little family!
    Hope you're all doing well!


  2. Welcome to the blog world! Be careful....It's more addicting than MySpace.

  3. Hey! We have fun with our photobooth as well. So glad to see your photos and hear about your life. You can catch up with us on
    All is still well in London, but we're starting to get homesick. The pictures of friends and family help (: