February 22, 2007

Food processors

are great for making homemade carrot cakes. You can actually making everything - the whole batter, shredded carrots and all, and the cream cheese frosting, all in the work bowl - beauty!

I've known Rich for 4 years, three of those married, and each year since we've been married, I've attempted to make his favorite cakes for his birthday, #27 was this past Sunday. The first year it was maple walnut chiffon, last year was apple dapple cake, and this year, carrot. Next year I think I will have to attempt an ice cream cake. I will probably just buy one. But I'm pretty proud of this year's so here are some pictures of it... Everyone we had over for lunch loved it so, I guess it turned out well.


  1. Jenn, you are such a thoughtful wife. I love that my brother has someone as wonderful as you to share his life with! The cake looks totally amazing; you should totally be proud. I remember that first year you were married, Rich said you were so sad because you thought you had ruined the cake because it tasted like burnt sugar. He told you it tasted right to him and that's how it is supposed to taste. I can't remember I've made it any of the few times you two have been up here so that you can confirm for yourself, but that really is how it is supposed to taste :O)

    You are way too good a cook to buy the cake next time. I'm determined to have you a recipe by the end of the weekend...

  2. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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