April 30, 2007

Buster's In Boulder

So, I watch some PBS kid's programming during the day. It helps give Maisie something to do or look at while I try to make something to eat or go to the bathroom.

One program that's on right now is called "Postcards From Buster". He's the rabbit from the "Arthur" stories. In the show he travels around all over the US and learns about new places and people. He's an animated rabbit taking home videos of live people. A pretty cool concept.

Anyway, the episode airing today is in Boulder, CO, my hometown.

He's taping all these places I grew up and identify with as "me" and "self". Looking out my window and seeing that I'm still in Memphis I feel out of place, homesick, disappointed. I wish Maisie could see Boulder. I wish she could grow up in that environment. I wish Rich could see all the places that I grew up that make me "me".

I love our community. But we need a holiday. And Boulder sure is looking good.

Miss you Boulder.

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  1. Ah, home. Nothin' like it. It rained here today. A lot. Made me think of growing up too. Sigh.