April 26, 2011

This Boy!

I find him climbing into, onto, and over EVERYTHING now... And pulling himself up to standing. He'll be running before he's one! He climbed into this seat by himself. I found him halfway in it, with knees and feet on the floor and thought "that's cute, he'll just play around like that". A minute later he was in it, tearing the lining out.

Then tonight, he helped himself up on his knees

...and then to standing! Not the first time but definitely stronger, more determined and more steady.
Are we ever going to have our hands full in a couple months!


  1. You are going to have your hands full for the next 18 years... they never stop!

  2. No doubt! Looking forward to lots of fun, he is such a happy boy.

  3. He does not look at all like he did as a baby.
    I see a lot of Maisie in him now.
    I love the pictures but it just makes me sad not to be nearby, but I guess I'll keep looking at them anyways.

  4. :( I know, the older he gets the more he looks like Maisie. We wish we could visit much, much more frequently