April 26, 2011

What A Day!

I've dubbed this "Nature Day". We woke to find one of Maisie's butterflies had emerged from its chrysalis. Maisie put on her butterfly dress and we let it go. What a treat to get to "hold" a butterfly, because it didn't know any better!

When we got to work this morning, from the second story window of the nursery we had a perfect view of two mourning doves building a nest. One would fly off to find nesting materials, and return to land on the other's back and make a delivery. After leaving again, the dove in the nest flittered and twitched each new piece into place with remarkable speed. We were so close, but I only had the iPod to take video or pictures, and it just wasn't close enough for that little lens. I'm hoping tomorrow we can get another opportunity to watch them build a home.

After coming home, we found that 5 more butterflies had emerged. We showed them some azalea flowers and they seemed to take a liking to them. Then we took a peek at the robin's nest we had found on Sunday and were able to catch this little guy desperate to eat!

Really a very neat day to get to witness so many things we usually never get a chance to experience.


  1. Fantastic photos, Jenn!! The one of Maisie is gorgeous...

  2. Love the photos! Those sweet little ugly birds... so glad you are blogging again!

  3. Thanks Paige :) I wish I could hold them. I've been thinking about you, it's been so nice to keep up with your guys through your blog. So wish we could visit :\